“a Triangle inside a Circle inside a Square”


a grid

blank canvases

anything will fit

if you make it work

a Circle



you will fit

if it works for you

a Triangle



it’s you

now find a Circle that works

a Circle inside a Square

make them or find them

one’s enough

or as many as you need

whatever works for you

a Triangle inside a Circle inside a Square

a place to belong

an abode to enjoy

you found what works

you’ve made a Home

“Baby A”

My very existence is defined by loss

Earliest of memories is a feeling of loss

Rarely think about him, I gather no moss

Twenty-seven weeks, we started to fight

Thirty-two days, for his life he would fight

Twenty years ago, my brother saw the light

Birthdays were bittersweet, missing a part

I don’t know if Jon thought of our missing part

I might have lost sight of how I felt at the start

My brother is lost I forgot how it felt

Remember, Ben, what mom and dad must have felt

You never held his hand, know the hand you were dealt

Lillie made him our sun

David is gone, but his name isn’t done


“Work To Do”

The sun starts to set

As the light leaves the window

Fast as it entered

Darkness shall persist

In what lies beyond this room

Inside, the light’s harsh

There’s only the moon

For the stars abandoned me

When I need more light